Effective Communication


Step 1: Pause (and listen)

Step 2: Express

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Step 3: Reflective listening

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Step 4: Agree

Step 5: Negotiate

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Tip: Accentuate the positive

Tip: Address inappropriate language

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Refresher (#1)

Your son Brian is entertaining several friends in your home. You ask him to turn down the volume on his CD player while you make a phone call. He complies, but makes a rude remark to you in front of his friends.

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How would you handle this situation?


Ignore it and forget about it, because this is just typical teen behaviour.


Confront him in front of his friends, saying if he ever speaks to you that way again, he will never be allowed to have friends over in the future.


Ignore it at the moment, but plan to tell him later in private: “Brian, I appreciated you turning down the music when I asked you; but I felt embarrassed when you were rude to me in front of others. I chose not to embarrass you by confronting you with my concern while your friends were here. I would like you to respect my feelings in the future”.

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