Effective Communication


Step 1: Pause (and listen)

Step 2: Express

Refresher #1

Step 3: Reflective listening

Refresher #2

Step 4: Agree

Step 5: Negotiate

Refresher #3

Tip: Accentuate the positive

Tip: Address inappropriate language

Refresher #4


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Refresher (#3)

Jane’s 18-year old daughter Brenda is upset that she can’t stay out past 12:30 am with her friends on weekends.

What would you do in this situation?


Tell Brenda that her curfew is 12:30 am because it’s dangerous to stay out later than that time and that you stay up worrying about her when she’s out late.


You ask her how you two can solve the problem without you worrying and so she feels she’s in charge of her life. You both suggest solutions and decide on one.


You tell her that she can only stay out until 1:00 am on special occasions and that she must tell you what occasion it is beforehand.

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