Effective Communication


Step 1: Pause (and listen)

Step 2: Express

Refresher #1

Step 3: Reflective listening

Refresher #2

Step 4: Agree

Step 5: Negotiate

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Tip: Accentuate the positive

Tip: Address inappropriate language

Refresher #4


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Refresher (#4)

Joe’s 17-year-old son Matthew likes to repeat racial jokes shown in a popular comedy on TV.

What would you say to Matthew in this situation?


“Those jokes are not funny. I don’t want to hear those words in this house.”


“I’ve noticed that you’ve been repeating popular jokes from TV lately. I understand that some people think these jokes are funny, but I think they are hurtful and insensitive to others who are actually in those situations. I know that we can’t change what’s popular right now, but I don’t want to hear insensitive jokes in this house as a respect for others.”

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